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Engaged teams are your best asset against modern business challenges, driving faster project completion, innovation, and revenue growth.

Ready to make that vision a reality?

You're frustrated that your morale boosting initiatives aren't leading to improved employee engagement.

You're watching high performing talent leave and feeling the cost of each resignation.

You see the disconnect between effort and recognition within your team and you desire a solution to bridge the gap.

Pridemore Coaching could be right for you if:

“Heather is a formidable talent who uses her insightful listening and professional experience to uncover previously untapped natural strengths. Heather takes these undeveloped personal strengths and brings out the best. [...] The growth and breakthroughs I experienced led to taking more action and resulted in stronger mental muscles [...] On top of the progress we made, Heather is friendly, compassionate, funny, and extremely easy to talk to. Like drinking a cup of coffee with a friend, she put me at ease, and I was never intimidated or overwhelmed [...] Take a leap with Heather and enjoy all the satisfaction and successes to come.”

Samantha R.


“Heather lead myself and others with a great amount of empathy and challenged me to grow.”

Tony B.


The Plan

Structured, yet flexible

Hogan Assessment: This three-part assessment includes a variety of scales that create profiles to reveal competencies, potential challenges, values, and leadership characteristics.

Tailor-made Plan: Personalized support unique to your needs, goals, and story. Popular themes include, but not limited to:

  • Career Path Clarity

  • Intentional Authenticity

  • Leadership Development

  • Purpose, Passion, & Work Alignment

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Having an Effective One-on-One

  • Continuous Learning

The Tools

  • Predict Job Performance

  • Evaluate Career Derailers

  • Identify High Potentials

  • Develop Leaders

  • Cultivate an Inclusive Culture

  • Boost Employee Retention

  • Improve Your Organizational Reputation

Business Solutions

Let's Take the First Step: Begin with a no-obligation consultation.

Every company is unique. Let's chart out the ideal development pathways for your employees. We'll work together to tailor a coaching path that best fits your needs.

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