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I'm Heather Pridemore, a career development coach with a passion for helping people navigate the next chapter of their careers, find fulfillment in their work and life, and unlock their full potential.

My journey to coaching began with an epiphany - the right job for me was one that honored my purpose and allowed me to pursue my passions of speaking, writing, and helping people. This realization led me to make a bold switch, leaving behind the security of the typical corporate job in pursuit of a more purposeful, authentic, and fulfilling path.

With over a decade of experience in leadership, communications, and development, I am committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where my clients can explore their stories, uncover their strengths, and develop personalized strategies to achieve their goals. My coaching philosophy is grounded in my values of Story, Self-Advocacy, Authenticity, and Candor, and I believe in the power of empathy and personalization to drive meaningful growth and development.

Outside of coaching, I enjoy immersing myself in books, exploring new cultures through travel, experiencing art, or adding to my collection of vinyl records. These passions help me stay connected to the world and bring new perspectives and insights to my coaching practice.

Whether you are looking to accelerate your career, navigate a career change, or find more balance and fulfillment in your work and life, I am here to support you every step of the way. I am dedicated to making a positive impact and helping as many people as possible achieve their potential. I would be honored to work with you on your career journey.

Always be learning


University of South Florida

Bachelor of Fine Art

Ryerson University

Master's degree in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management

Boston University

Master of Business Administration




Jay Shetty Coaching Certification

Hogan Assessments Certification

Colorado Career Development Association

Innovation Women

National Career Development Association

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My values


I recognize the power of personal narratives in shaping your life and seek to understand your unique story.


I am passionate about helping you discover and embrace your authentic self, guiding you to live and work in alignment with your true values, passions, and strengths.


My goal is to empower you to confidently pursue your goals and express your needs, desires, and strengths.


I am committed to practicing candor, combining genuine care for your growth with the courage to provide honest, constructive feedback. And it goes both ways!