Where Stories Shape Careers

Where Stories Shape Careers

yet you face moments of doubt and invisible barriers that slow your progress.

You were taught that hard work was the key to success but you've followed the rules and they don't seem to apply.

You're ready for a new chapter where you can align your career with your true values, passions, and strengths. Where your purpose guides you to innovate, lead, and redefine success.

You're armed with ambition and a heart full of drive -

This is your story, not pre-written, but one you shape with every choice you make.

Let's navigate your narrative together, shaping your career through the stories that define your purpose.

My name is Heather Pridemore, and together we'll use your unique story to co-author the next chapter of your career.

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"Heather is not afraid to ask challenging questions and dig deeper into a problem to make sure that your solution is the most effective. She helped me investigate multiple perspectives and create better solutions."

Rachel C.

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