A Fresh Perspective on Confidence from MerPeople

Inspired by the Netflix docu-series "MerPeople", I explore how tapping into our enhanced version - our "Mersona" - can help us navigate the turbulent waters of our careers with newfound confidence. Dive with me into the depths of this captivating perspective and resurface stronger, more confident, and ready to make waves in your professional world.

Heather Pridemore

6/7/20232 min read

I'm captivated by mermaids. I have been since I was a child and I watched Disney's animated, "The Little Mermaid." And especially because I grew up near Weeki Wachi Springs where the famous underwater theater of the 1950's still hosts the sirens for daily shows.

This led me to indulge over the weekend in Netflix's four-part docu-series, "MerPeople." The show introduces the concept of a "Mersona" - an enhanced version of one's self - which, when applied to our professional personas - our intentionally authentic personal branding, provides an interesting lens through which we can analyze our own behavior.

This concept poses an intriguing question: How do we boost our confidence or courage in stressful situations? How do we shine through intimidation and embrace our own 'Mersona'?

In the professional arena, it's common to face intimidating situations: job interviews, big meetings, or networking events. These are the moments that truly test our confidence, especially for those of us that are more introverted. It's interesting to notice the little things we do or have that help us confront these challenges head-on.

Personally, I find confidence in a bit of lipstick and some false lashes or an amulet that holds personal significance (for me that is the bee). Others may find it in a power color or special outfit. These components could be seen as parts of our "Mersona" or alter ego, channeling extra confidence in crucial situations. I encourage you to reflect and identify what composes your "Mersona" - what personal attributes or symbols make you feel fortified and primed to handle professional challenges?

Confidence extends beyond mere presence. It is fundamentally about believing in our abilities and allowing that belief to resonate in our actions (authenticity). A strong sense of confidence has wide-ranging implications: it can unlock new opportunities, cultivate robust relationships, and significantly enhance our career trajectory.

I'm not advocating for a costume or inauthentic version of who we are - instead, I'm encouraging us to amplify the most authentic version of ourselves to help us overcome self-doubt and boost our confidence. To take our powerful attributes and use them to swim fearlessly in the vast ocean of professional life.

Remember, the strength you need is already within you. Let's dive deep into our inner depths, find our "Mersona," and surface stronger, more confident, and ready to conquer any challenge.